Links Program

In Partnership with Independent Living Services for Foster Children (NC LINKS)

The North Carolina Links Program at Central Children’s Home is designed to help adolescents in foster care ages 13–20 connect with resources and training. We provide life skills training for them to make sure they are able to become self-sufficient in adult life. “Links” signifies the connections every adult needs in life, such as employment, money management, housing, and daily living skills.

Upon admission, students take the Casey Skills Assessment Test, which determines their current aptitude in living skills and is administered by a social worker on campus. A Case Plan is then created based on the outcome of the assessment. After the testing process is complete, the County DSS will review and sign the Case Plan. To ensure our charge can meet the goals in their Case Plan, our staff will provide training opportunities to assist them in achieving their objectives at the appropriate target dates by engaging in various learning exercises and activities.

Our Links Program Includes: